This is the day where I realize who bothered to remember, who bothers to care, and who had rather forget.


Peach Lemonade

It always astounds me and scares me at the same time how one person who had not existed until a certain day in your lifetime, who meant close to practically nothing….could become your entire world another day, who wishes to share their heart, mind, and soul with you.

The power of time. The power of patience. The power of whatever ‘love’ may be. The amount I have of each terrifies me.

"I never apologize for doing what makes me happy."
—  D.P.
The Words Less Spoken

Does your heart and mind ever whisper words of desire for my presence, or cries of my absence?

Until we’re flown from sober state, until we’re alone amongst strangers, does your arm wrap around me, does your eye fix its gaze on mine, does your smile chain itself to my sight.

Why do you not speak?
Why do you not ask of me?
Why do you not fight for my company or thoughts?

Am I simply another flower in the garden you have grown fond of in the spring, to pamper and to grow, but will forget quite simply once winter arrives when you have grown fond of the fireplace instead.

"Because if How I Met Your Mother has taught us anything, it’s that if we want to see something legendary happen, we’re going to have to wait for it.”


Tiesto @ Ultra Music Festival 2014 (Miami, FL)