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Broken Ties

An honest friendship or any type of relationship is one that will not bring up the past to make you feel degraded from what you are today.

It’s to be fought for, to be unafraid of apologizing, to hold back our resentment for a second to say “This too will pass”, to believe things will be better, to smile.

It’s rather easy to tie the strings that have been cut with me. Maybe too easy.

A simple “Sorry” or “Don’t go” would have sufficed. But it seems people would rather leave these strings broken than put any effort to knot together again.

I’m done with being the only one that tries, and then gets hurt from trying.
If they’re okay with letting go, then so am I.
If they want otherwise, my half end of the string will be left waiting.


Take me back to wonderland.

Although I have lost many things, many people, and much time…
Every little thing I gain, I can now cup in my hand and cherish it with all my love.
I am learning to release the chains of my stubborn infringements of the past, so that I can blossom into the upcoming minutes, hours, and months of my being.
"You are a rarity", someone said to me today. "If you believe in fate, let it guide you. We are all here for a reason, of which is why we are here talking today."

I will be a hero.
For myself.
And for those that became my reason today.


I Love You by Michael Faudet