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You're gorgeous

And you my darling are as beautiful.

"We rise from our ashes."

And it’s those short-lived moments with you that I feel like I’m alive again.
Where nothing else in the world would matter.
My heart races at every playback I have of those minutes.
The thrill of your fingers upon my hips grasping at the beats of the pounding music, your lips on mine for a few quick seconds, your arm wrapped around my waist in the cold air walking home, tired and collapsing under your sheets, your hand holding mine as we gently sleep away the night.
How I wish every night could be that night, wishing you would actually be mine.


The more skin unraveling from underneath these cloths,
The more taste of life that rolls off the tips of your tongue,
The more vivid your pulse beats against the surface of your neck,
The more transparency you unveil from the deeps of your eyes..

The more I long for you in your absence,
The more you linger in my maze of thoughts,
The more I crave for every brush of your touch and kiss,
The more I fall and fall - the more often I try grabbing onto the sides, and climb back out from these grounds you’ve dug that lead to an empty wonderland.

If I were to start planting seeds in this wonderland, would you come stay with me?

The new hairdoooo
Empty Fuel

'Hope' is the fuel of our ship, and it remains unlimited.
We keep refilling the ship, looking for a desired destination, even if the seas seem boundless, foggy, soulless…..we still keep sailing.
Waiting, waiting, waiting for sight of land.
Land of dreams, wishes, fantasies to be cradled under our toes.
As I sail, waves claw higher, winds grow louder, thunder breaks off more and more of my ship.
Yet I keep refilling,
I keep going,
I keep searching,
Standing on whatever is left to keep me afloat.